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CCECOIN leverages blockchain technology for eliminating durian price surges

Fortunes are won and lost all in a day. However, no matter how scary crypto-asset investment looks, there is plenty signs that points towards a future where that crypto-assets are widely adopted on a worldwide scale. Yesterday Bitcoin news reported that there has been an increase of 316 % in blockchain VC investment in 2018. Several countries have commented that they are going to issue their own centralized cryptocurrencies, partly due to US sanctions against countries like Iran, Venezuela and Russia. Even Malaysia is looking into issuing its own cryptocurrency. This is an amazing fact that more and more countries are accepting the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

When matter comes to a product’s trading ecosystem, CCECOIN falls into the category of a stable token asset. It has an intrinsic value, a long-term business driver to increase our value and most of all a token with an ecosystem to support the use of our token. CCECOIN is working to be here for the long haul. Its business plans are expected to grow as world enters into the years of blockchain dominion. Their products are expected to grow as economies such as India and China continue to grow its middle class.

Source: Media Partners Asia

These two economic powerhouses are expected to grow its economy on average 6.5% annually. This middle class of both China and India will be our customer base for years to come. Here is the reason behind it: According to ATKearney, 203 million people crossed the threshold into middle class between 2001 and 2011. And, in 2015, China overtook the United States as the country with the largest middle class according to Credit Suisse. On the other hand, as stated in NCAER, the middle-class households in India is likely to more than double from the 2015-16 levels to 113.8m households or 547 million individuals.

In Malaysia, the Malays love Durian, the Chinese love durian, and the Indian love Durians. Corresponding markets for years to come will grow with these group of middle-class consumers from China, India and Indonesia. These growths have not included the other smaller nations within other Asian regions.

Last year China imported $1,000,000,000 USD worth of durians. This year this number is expected to grow by at least 15%.  In April of the following year, Alibaba sold 80,000 durian from Thailand in one minute. Next year they have ordered 800,000 durians for delivery to its customers in China and will be sold on line as well.

Last year about 10,000,000 Chinese visitors visited Thailand and Malaysia combined. There is no doubt that durian can be sold in a very big way to Chinese consumers.

The ultimate goal of CCE ecosystem is to create a durian membership that can be sold in China for them to enjoy durian from various part of Asia in stores across China. The team is looking towards creating specialty retail stores where by our membership can buy all kinds of durian products and fruit from South East Asia. The farmers and manufacturers will be able to utilize our CCE Ecosystem to reach new customers where once there was no bridge until CCE Ecosystem came along. CCE token will be used as a medium of exchange. Relative memberships will be able to use the CCECOIN to transact, transfer, purchase across South East Asia, India and China – our initial areas of focus where we will also expand other products such as swallow bird nest.

Starting 2019, CCECOIN will be listed on exchanges (work in progress) across parent regions. In 2019, the eventual goal is to be able to use blockchain to track Durians from the farm to the end consumer. While the technology already exists, it will be a huge task to be able to fully implement this. CCECOIN tends to be truly usable, transferrable, salable, and convertible.

Apart from increasing the use and distribution CCECOIN token, there is also a strong plan for building an ecosystem allowing for durian farmer to directly offer their products to consumers stretched across Asia. This CCE Ecosystem will eventually grow into a specialty item distribution ecosystem helping farmers of all kinds of product to reach a wider market throughout Asia using CCE Ecosystem and blockchain.

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