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Bancor’s Co-Founder Eyal Hertzog Is Now The Board Advisor Of 108 Token

ZPX, a next generation investor and builder asset in the blockchain industry based out of Singapore has welcomed Bancor’s co-founder Eyal Hertzog on to the board of advisors as part of 108 Token – the crypto index project of ZPX. The board holds renowned names like HongZhuang Lim, CEO of ZSQ, and Balaji K Srinivasan, Silicon Valley crypto veteran and co-founder of Counsyl.


Eyal is the cofounder of Bancor, which is a decentralized liquidity network that provides users with a simple, low-cost way to buy and sell tokens. He has more than two decades of experience in the online end-user ecosystem with his shot to fame coming after he became the cofounder of Metacafe- one of the largest and fastest-growing video sharing platform, based out of Israel. At its peak, Metacafe had more than 50 million users. Eyal’s years of experience in the blockchain industry will undoubtedly help 108 Token give its investors a wide range of exposure to crypto assets, with minimal risks.

This is what Eyal had to say after joining 108 Token as an advisor, “I’m thrilled to be joining the 108 Token team in its quest to simplify the buying, storing, and selling of crypto assets. At Bancor, we understand the value of simplifying crypto transactions while still ensuring security. My hope is that I can leverage my experience with Bancor to help make 108 Token a success.”

108 Token is a dynamic crypto product which tracks the performance of the top 15 cryptocurrencies. The 108token is an ERC-20 token that will eventually be traded on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. The basket ensures that your funds are not subject to fluctuations in one single currency. It gives you transparent 24×7 tracking and liquidity.

Aditya Mishra, the COO and co-founder of ZPX, was happy to share the news and said, “Eyal is a highly motivated individual and a visionary technopreneur. We are delighted to have him on board as he has proved time and again a keen sense of identifying emerging tech trends and executing his plans with full focus and diligence.”

The decentralised nature of the tokens mean that any kind of custodial risks can be taken care of. This will further facilitate the users on the platform to have control over their personal information, data and funds. This will be managed well by the cryptocurrency research and analytics division, which includes veterans from the tech, Venture Capital, Product Management, Risk Management and Banking industries

As of now, ZPX has raised a seed funding of US$ 1.3 million from SeedPlus, a Singapore-based seed-stage venture capital firm which typically invests in early-stage companies on market terms. Its other investors include Gokul Rajaram and Milliways Ventures from San Francisco, as well as Girish Mathrubootham, Anand Lunia and Nithin Kamath of India-based financial services firm Zerodha.

About ZPX

ZPX is a Singapore-headquartered investor and builder of next-generation assets in the blockchain space. Previous investors include Gokul Rajaram & Milliways Ventures from San Francisco in addition to Girish Mathrubootham, Anand Lunia & Nithin Kamath of Zerodha. The Company is currently working on a number of token products & the building of a decentralized exchange. ZPX is in the process of launching 108 Token, an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum, that will dynamically re-adjust every month to the top 15 Crypto token assets based on their proprietary indexing methodology. The firm’s tech platform initiatives are supported by a dedicated crypto research and analytics division.

Source: 108 Token